Why Ableton vs. Other Software?


There are many different types of audio software available today to create music, and the list keeps growing. However, there’s only a few that are adopted by global professionals in the music industry. When it comes to using professional music software that is extremely useful in a variety of applications and adopted by a large number of professionals around the world, nothing compares to Ableton Live.

What makes Ableton Live so great?

#1 Versatility

Some artists only want to use music software to perform live, produce in the studio, or audio engineering.

Ableton does all of the above.

#2 Layout and Design

Ableton is the first music software on the market that was designed with two different views (Session and Arrangement) allowing users to choose the most creative ways that work for them to produce and perform live in either view. Both views work together interchangeably to give artists absolute versatility and creativity within projects.

#3 Ease of use with MIDI and easy to setup

A majority of Ableton Live’s users produce some style of electronic music. Even though Ableton Live can record audio and function like any other music software, it easily allows users to work with MIDI, and quickly plug-and-play with any MIDI controller and device.

#4 Feature-Rich and made for collaboration

Ableton Live Standard and Suite versions are feature-rich, giving users a large library of sounds, instruments, and devices to work with. The developers of Ableton Live made it simple to share their own custom sounds, effects, and instrument presets with other users.

#5 Strong Community of Users

Ableton Live is here to stay. The software is very open-sourced, allowing people to create their own custom devices and collaborate in a variety of ways, including the advanced embedded platform Max for Live. Ableton headquarters in Berlin, Germany and has had a strong growing community with an international presence. There are hundreds of User Group communities that meet in major cities around the world on a regular basis to connect users to collaborate.

Most often if you ask if Ableton Live can “do something”, the answer is almost always “YES.”


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