4 Tips To Thrive In The Membership

There’s a lot of features in the Live Producers membership. This article will help you get the most value out of your account to learn and connect with producers around the world.

* visit the FAQ’s page for in-depth look at member features on the site *

Tip #1 – Your Profile Is Everything.

Have you heard the saying “It’s all about who you know”? Well, in the music industry it’s more about “who knows you.” Creating a solid “brand image” of yourself is essential. Here’s several tips to achieve this using your profile…

  • Add a high quality artistic photo of yourself. Choose an image authentic to the music you make and who you are.
  • Update your profile Bio!! Read this great article on How To Write An Effective Band Bio by Ari Herstand.
  • Add social media links.
  • Share your profile! Your profile URL is public, and can be viewed by non-members. Your profile is basically a personal website including all your necessary artist info. Telling other artists your part of a Ableton Live membership can help you look good when trying to collaborate…AND not everyone is on Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Add members as friends and NETWORK. One of the best things you can do for your music career is connecting and collaborating with other upcoming producers.
  • Networking tips in the membership:
    • All our Teachers and Webinar guests have a profile, so make sure to connect with these influencers in the industry. Add these members as friends.
    • When logged in, visit the Member Activity or Search Members pages. Add these members as friends. Send them a private message telling them what you like about their music, something you have in common, and encourage them to check out your profile with a link to your newest single/ EP (USE LESS THAN 8 SENTENCES).
    • Post in the Forum. Ask questions and interact with other producers. Don’t be afraid to encourage people to visit your profile or listen to your music AFTER you provided value to them, such as answering a question, etc.


TIP #2 – Suggest Webinars, Downloads, and Courses.

Are there specific downloads, webinars, or courses you want? Visit the Forum thread MEMBER REQUESTS and post things you would like to learn or see in the membership. We’ll respond and let you know when it’s available!


TIP #3 – Join As An Affiliate.

Have friends or know people that want to learn to produce music? Signup for the Live Producers affiliate program, and we’ll pay you anytime you refer a new Basic or Pro member. Send an email to Contact@liveproducersonline.com and tell us you’re interested being an affiliate. We’ll hook you up!


TIP #4 – Get Help On Your Projects.

Need help producing, mixing, or performing your songs? Visit the Private Lessons tab and get 1-on-1 help via web conference from an experienced professional. We have several Teachers that are the best at what they do, so make sure to visit their artist pages to see who might be a best fit for your needs. It’s also a good way to make friends and network.

Project Feedback is available for members on the PRO plan. Submit your projects once a month to a Teacher and receive video feedback with the help you need.

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