Using Ableton’s Quantization to Adjust Rhythm in Clips Copy

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One of the greatest features in Live is Quantization. You can easily adjust the timing of MIDI notes and beats played inside a clip to establish a rhythm. This saves a lot of time by instantly correcting any timing mistakes we make.

There are 3 main ways to Quantize in Live to quickly adjust our timing with MIDI notes:

  • Quantization: the default of whatever the entire project is set to.
  • Quantization Settings: this option gives us more control. You can adjust the BPM timing, percentage of quantization, etc.
  • Record Quantization: this option lets us tell Ableton how we want it to correct our timing when recording live with MIDI clips.

In this video, we’ll learn about Quantization with our new best friend Ableton…

Shortcuts to remember:
– Quantize notes in a clip = CMD + U
– Open Quantize Settings window = CMD + Shift + U

*For most shortcuts substitute: CMD for Mac, and Cntrl for PC