Step Sequencing Melodies Copy

In the last video, we learned how to step sequence drums with the Push2 in a drum rack. In this video, we’ll learn how to step sequence instruments in the melodic step sequencer.

From the isomorphic keyboard, to toggle in and out of the melodic step sequencer, press the Layout button. Also melodic step sequencing is polyphonic, so you can also sequence harmonies.

  • The pads from the top row adjust the length of the loop, which is similar to the pages in the drum step sequencer.

When you press the Scale button, the available scales will appear. When In Key is selected from the scale menu, the 7 rows below will be the notes in the selected scale. When Chromatic is selected, notes that are in key are gray while notes of key will be unlit (until a step is created).

  • The brighter, white row (by default the bottom row) is the root note of the key.

Each column of horizontal pads represents a step. The step interval resolution is set by pressing the scene/grid buttons. The right 2 pad columns will be unlit at triplet intervals, just like in drum step sequencing.

You can shift the range of notes with the Octave Up and Octave Down buttons. The range can also be changed by scrolling up and down with the touch strip. Hold the Shift button while moving the touch strip, to move by octaves. Hold shift while pressing the octave buttons to move by single notes. The Push2 screen will briefly show the available range window as you adjust it.

  • With the melodic step sequencer, the length of the page is determined by the size of the step intervals. If your interval is set at 16th notes, 1 page would be half a bar because 1 page is 8 steps, and with 8th notes, one page would be 1 bar.

If you single tap a page, you will lock that page to the Push2 for editing, but Ableton will continue to play the rest of the loop. This means the page you see might not necessarily be the page you hear. You can also navigate between pages with the Page Left and Page Right buttons.

To expand back to see all sections of the loop, single press the first and last page at the same time.

Double Tapping on a page will loop only that page. To expand the loop again, press the Double Loop button, or single tap the first and last page at the same time.

*We recommend using the Firefox browser. Enter fullscreen to remove video toolbar.