Slicing Simpler Copy

In the last video we explored in depth Ableton’s One-Shot Simpler Mode on the Push2. In this video, we’ll explore specifically Simpler’s Slicing Mode.

In Slicing Mode, most of the controls function the sample as in Classic and One-Shot Modes, but with a few exceptions:

The Sensitivity knob determines how sensitive Simpler is to transient peaks and thus how many sample pads are available on the Push2. Samples fill the pad grid in groups of 4 starting on the left half, then from the bottom of the right half.

By default, the Slicing Simpler is set to the 64 pad drum rack layout. You can press the Layout button to change to the 16 pad drum rack view.

  • The playback knob determines how many pads can be triggered simultaneously. When set to Thru, playback is monophonic, but triggering one slice will continue playback through the rest of the sample region.

Nudge allows you to fine tune the timing of each slice marker. This is really useful if automatic slicing wasn’t perfect. For greater nudging accuracy, tap the pad you’d like to adjust, then use the zoom knob to get a better look. Hold down the Shift button while adjusting nudge for an even tighter tweak.

Ableton Live 9.7 and on offer some additional slicing options. The default way slices are split up is by transients. But now there is a “Slice By” parameter which gives you 3 new ways to slice a clip; Beats, Region, or Manual.

  • Beats slices by grid based sections of time. The division parameter changes the grid resolution. These slices can be nudged or deleted.

  • Region creates slices that are equal and identical in length.

  • Manual slices were created via the pad slicing knob before Live 9.7, but now it is a dedicated slicing mode. Pressing an empty pad while playing back the sample will create a slice point at the current playback position.

*We recommend using the Firefox browser. Enter fullscreen to remove video toolbar.

If you want to know more about how simpler works, check out Ableton’s Manual on it here.