Recording Instruments Copy

In the last video, we explored some VERY USEFUL recording tips in the drum rack to get the most out of your ideas. ALL of those tips/features shown are also available in instruments with the isomorphic keyboard.

These tips include; the New button, Fixed Length Recording, the Undo button, Quantize, Record Quantize, the Repeat button, and the Swing knob.

In this video we’ll cover a few additional features…

  • When the Push2 is in note mode, you can hold down on select while tapping the touch strip to toggle between pitch bend and mod wheel.

In both the drum rack and on the isomorphic keyboard view, selecting tracks using the lower display buttons will let you navigate between existing ideas. The left and right arrow buttons on the Push2 also allow for you to select tracks.

  • A selected midi track will automatically be armed. You can arm any track from the push by holding the lower display button for that track while pressing the record button on the Push2.

  • Pressing the upper and down arrow buttons will trigger clips in session view.

*We recommend using the Firefox browser. Enter fullscreen to remove video toolbar.