One-Shot Simpler Copy

In the last video we explored in depth Ableton’s Classic Mode Simpler on the Push2. In this video, we’ll explore specifically Simpler’s One-Shot Mode.

In One-Shot Mode, most of the controls function the same as in Classic Mode but with a few exceptions.

  • When you trigger a sample, it will continue to play to the end of the sample even after you let go of the pad.

You can shape the volume of the sample using the Fade In and Fade Out knobs. With Gate enabled, the sample will begin fading out as soon as you let go of the pad.

You can transpose the sample up or down up to 48 Semitones (4 octaves). The timbre of the sound may change dramatically when pitching up or down the same depending on which warp mode is selected.

Both Classic and One-Shot modes allow you to repitch a sample “on the fly” without changing its playback position by using Legato playback.

  1. Once you enter Edit mode, press the second lower display button.
  2. then set the Glide Mode parameter to Glide.
  3. Set the voices parameter to 1, making it monophonic (this voices step can be skipped in One-Shot Mode as it is already monophonic).
  4. As you play the pads in a legato fashion the samples will transpose pitch. For best results, make sure warp is on. Complex or Complex Pro Modes work better for pitched samples, but experiment with the different warp modes to find the right sound for you.

*We recommend using the Firefox browser. Enter fullscreen to remove video toolbar.

If you want to know more about how simpler works, check out Ableton’s Manual on it here.