MUST WATCH Recording Features

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In the last video, we explored how to record and overdub in the drum rack. In this video we’ll cover some VERY USEFUL recording tips to get the most out of your ideas. These tips include…

  • Pressing the New button will prepare the next clip slot for recording and duplicate all other playing clips on other tracks to a new scene.

  • Press Fixed Length to toggle Fixed Length Recording On and Off, Hold down on Fixed Length to specify clip length.

  • The Undo button, is a faster way to get rid of an overdub layer, or any other action.

  • Press and hold Quantize to specify a value of quantization, you can even add swing if you want. Press quantize again to snap notes

When holding down on Quantize, you can enable record Quantize from the menu, where played notes will sound exactly how you played them, but will automatically be recorded as snapped notes

When the repeat button is enabled when both playing or recording, you can play continuous notes when holding down on a pad at an interval specified by the scene/ grid buttons

  • Add swing in REAL TIME, by turning the swing knob while the repeat button is enabled

(click video gear icon to adjust playback speed)