Mix Mode and More Copy

In the last video we explored the various features of what pressing the Convert button does. In this video we’ll explore the endless possibilities of Mix Mode on the Push2.

To control volumes, pans, or sends, press the Mix button. Pressing the Mix button will toggle between Track Mix Mode and Global Mix Mode.

  • In Track Mix Mode, the knobs adjust volume, pan, and send levels for the selected track. The lower display buttons are used to select different tracks. You can hold the Shift button while turning knobs for fine tuning.

  • In Global Mix Mode, the knobs will adjust volumes, pans, or send levels for the 8 visible tracks. Select which parameter will be controlled with the upper display buttons. Volumes and pans will always remain visible. You can move to other tracks with the left and right arrow buttons.

Press the Master button to select the Master track. Press master again to return to the previously selected track.

On the Push2 display, groups, drum racks, and instrument racks all will have a special icon showing that these tracks can be expanded, allowing you to control parameters in the contents of these groups or racks. To unfold one of these tracks, first press its lower display button to select it, then press it again to unfold it. You can individually control the parameter of the contents by selecting their lower display buttons. Use the left and right arrow buttons to navigate to tracks or chains that may have run off the display after unfolding.

  • When working with an unfolded drum rack, you can hold down on Select while tapping a pad to jump to that pad in the mixer.

Also as of Ableton Live 9.7 and up, you can setup Track Monitoring and Routing directly from the Push2’s display.

  • In Track Mix Mode, you can select and change monitoring and routing for individual tracks.
  • Then press the upper display button, “Inputs & Outputs.” The first knob sets the monitoring of the track.
  • The second knob selects either input or output monitoring.
  • The third knob is used to set the source or destination channel.
  • The other knobs are to chose between the available chains. There is even a meter to display signal activity.

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