Midi Input Assistant Copy

This video features a very useful tool, Midi Input Assistant (MIA) by Audio Outlaw. Midi Input Assistant is a 4 piece set of Max for Live Devices.

Now if you’re new to Max for Live, these are devices that are add-ons to Ableton Live, but you need Live Suite in order to run Max for Live. Max for Live Devices are brilliant tools that solve problems in Ableton Live. Digital duct tape.

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This is video 4 of a 14 part series on Music Theory, and shortcuts to writing music.

Midi Input Assistant includes 4 different Max for Live Devices. These devices are a Piano Keyboard, a Guitar Fretboard, A Grid Layout (that resembles a Push), and a Notation Device (a Swiss Army Knife of scale notation on a musical staff, frequency, sample, and timing conversions, etc)

If you’re new to music theory and want to understand how various instruments’ notes correlate to each other, this is the tool for you! It definitely taught me a thing or two.

Featured song in this video:

Omar – Bayonne