Fitting Tracks Into A Mix; Prevent Overcrowding The Song Copy

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When you begin producing a song, think about how all the instruments are communicating with each other in the overall mix. Just like a good chef will not grab every ingredient in the refrigerator and throw it into a new recipe, good producers need to be picky about choosing the right samples and instruments that compliment each other inside the overall song being created…

The more instruments you include in your song, the more you begin filling up the frequency spectrum. You can see the frequencies shown in the image above in Live’s EQ Eight device. The average human ear can only hear sound frequencies between 30hz – 15khz. As you produce your tracks, keep in mind where instruments typically live in the overall frequency spectrum so you don’t overcrowd the mix, causing it to sound distorted. For example, it wouldn’t be wise to play multiple sub bass instruments on top of each other at the same time, unless you’re doing some intense mixing with an EQ to fit them together.

Use the chart below displaying Live’s EQ eight device to get a general idea of where common instrument frequencies often live in a mix. From left to right, we see frequencies from 10hz – 22kHz.