Envelope Automation & Dummy Clips

Live’s Clip Envelope feature is a powerful tool that is often underutilized for setting up a live performance.

Like many DAWs (Logic or Pro Tools) you can draw automation to control track and device parameters. Clip Envelopes, on the other hand, are snippets of automation that only exist within Audio or MIDI Clips themselves. Clip automation (modulation) can be used to change a clip’s parameters and/ or the track parameters that the clips lives on.

Clip Envelopes tend to be used for creative production and sound design purposes. You can use trigger effects to help with song transitions, as well as changing sounds for live instruments. For example, it can be useful changing your Guitar effects between scenes/ songs if you’re running the guitar into Ableton. Using a “dummy clip” is a great way to accomplish this.

In this next video, we’ll look at several ways Clip Envelope Automation can be useful for your live performance…


CMD + b = Pencil Tool

Hold CMD + Click/ draw smooth automation curves (with Pencil Tool)

Select a clip and press “0” to deactivate/ activate the clip