Device Mode Copy

In this video we’ll cover how to modify your sound on a specific track in device mode. Start by pressing the Device button. You can control Ableton devices as well as 3rd party plugins in device mode.

In the last video, we concluded showing VERY USEFUL recording tips for both the drum rack and isomorphic keyboard view, as well as giving you the ability to navigate to different tracks to play with different ideas.

  • In device mode, you can select different devices in the chain of the current track. The name of the current track will show up below the first upper display button. Press the first upper display button again to enter into Edit mode. THIS WILL LET YOU CONTROL MORE THAN 8 PARAMETERS!

In edit mode, the lower display buttons will bring up additional pages of parameters for that device. You can exit edit mode by pressing the first upper display button again.

To add additional devices or FX to a track, press the Add Device button. You can also add an instrument from the Add Device button, but that will replace the existing instrument on that track.

To delete a device, press the Delete button, and then press the upper display button that corresponds to that device. To disable a device, press the Mute button, then press the upper display button that corresponds to that device. If you hold down on Mute, you can enabled locked muting where you can toggle devices on and of by only selecting their upper display button. To exit this behavior, hold down on Mute again.

  • To move a device or effect to a different position in the track’s chain, press and hold that device’s upper display button, then use any of the 8 knobs to scroll the device to the new position. Release the old upper display button after you’ve moved your device.

*We recommend using the Firefox browser. Enter fullscreen to remove video toolbar.