Creating and Editing MIDI Clips with Instruments

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Ableton Live offers a variety of MIDI instruments you can use to start making music right away. Many producers began using Live because it’s easy to program MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface). MIDI is a computer language that passes through your computer to program any given action you choose.

You’ll notice there’s several folders in Ableton’s Browser…

  • Check out the Sounds and Instruments folders. The Sounds folder gives us organized presets using Ableton’s Instrument Devices. These Instrument Devices are listed in the Instruments folder (Analog, Operator, Drum Rack, etc.) with some additional presets you can play with.

In this video, we’ll start making music by programming MIDI notes in Session view inside a new clip. We’ll also learn several awesome MIDI clip functions…

Shortcuts to remember:
Toggle between Session and Arrangement views: Tab
Toggle between clip/ device views: Shift + Tab
Duplicate MIDI notes: (Highlight notes) CMD + D
Undo: CMD + Z

HEADS UP!! With shortcuts, you can usually replace “CMD” with “Cntrl” if you’re using a PC computer.