Composing Ableton Clips with Scenes in Session View Copy

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Using Scenes in Ableton Live’s Session view is a great way to organize your clips on each track when starting out composing a song. We can create unlimited amounts of Scenes to create a song with clips across each track. This is great for starting a brand new song with multiple clips to later record in the Arrangement view. Scenes are also perfect for performing/ DJing Live on-stage in Session view!

Ableton Live allows us to quickly listen to different devices, instruments, and samples on a track, while the track is playing. Double-click an instrument preset in the browser to load it on the track selected. Ableton’s Hot-Swap feature also makes it easy to quickly scroll through different samples and devices in the browser to find the sound we’re looking for, even while audio is playing.

In this video, we’ll look at using the Hot-Swap feature and establishing a song workflow with Scenes.