Clip Mode Copy

In this video, we’ll learn about the features of clip view, which is useful when editing existing clips. In the last video, we learned how to record automation to new and existing clips, and how to override, re-enable, and delete recorded automation.

  • You can adjust various clip parameters, such as enabling or disabling loop, setting the loop length and loop position, as well as the start offset of the clip.
  • Different types of parameters will be available depending on the type of clip selected.

With loop off, you can control the start and end position of a clip. You can hold down on the Shift button while turning knobs for fine tuning control.

  • Audio clips have additional parameters. You can zoom in and out of a sample with Knob 1. The focus area that you zoom into is dependent on the last touched clip parameter such as the start flag.

  • You can also set the warp mode as well as other various audio clip parameters from clip mode.

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