Classic Simpler Copy

In the last video we changed gears to understand how Ableton’s Simpler device works with the Push2 and the 3 different modes of the Simpler. In this video, we’ll explore specifically Simpler’s Classic Mode with the Push2.

In Classic Mode, the position controls change which portion of the samples will play back. If a sample has silence at the beginning, you can move the start position forward. S Start and S Length are shown in percentages of the total sample length set by the start and end parameters.

  • If you hit a pad after setting an S Start value of 50% and and S Length Value of 25%, you would only hear the last 3/4 of the sample.

S Loop will set how much of the sample is looped. This parameter is obviously only available when Loop is enabled.

  • You can turn the Zoom knob clockwise to zoom into a specific section of audio. The area you zoom in is determined by the last touched sample position control.

  • Pressing the first upper display button on simpler will enter Edit Mode. In edit mode, additional pages of parameters will become available in the lower display buttons. In edit mode throughout different pages, the other upper display buttons will toggle specific settings on or off. Press the first upper display button again to exit Edit Mode.

The “Warp As” button will set the warping of the sample between the start and end values so that the warped sample has more of a precise playback within your specified area. Ableton makes its best guess on what this value should be based on the sample length, but if it gets it wrong, you can press the divide by 2 or multiply by 2 buttons.

Crop removes the pieces of the sample outside the start and end points. Reverse plays the entire sample backwards.

*We recommend using the Firefox browser. Enter fullscreen to remove video toolbar.

If you want to know more about how simpler works, check out Ableton’s Manual on it here.