Chord Progressions 2 Copy

We’ve already covered the basics of Music Theory. Now we’re getting into how you can apply those basics to get shortcuts to results. In this video I create a combination of chord progressions using a combination of the chord and scale midi effects.

Chord progressions are the basic building blocks of song sections, so making them creatively will help you write songs more creatively.

Throw away your boring chord progressions, and have Ableton Live help write chord progressions for you with its midi devices. You don’t even need a keyboard, just your computer keyboard.

I’ll also show how to record the output of these devices into a new track for further manipulation as well as explanation of some additional midi devices such as velocity and the arpeggiator.

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This is video 5 of a 14 part series on Music Theory, and shortcuts to writing music. This is a follow up video for the Music Theory hacks with chord progressions in Ableton Live.