Chord Progressions 1 Copy

Turn chords into a sampler!

We’ve already covered the basics of Music Theory. Now we’re getting into how you can apply those basics to get shortcuts to results. In this video I create a combination of chord progressions. Chord progressions are the basic building blocks of song sections.

First I draw a seventh chord, then duplicate that chord and move that chord shape around in order to play different chords. Then I cut that chord progression up so that each chord is a different clip.

Instead of having a boring chord progression where each chord starts on the beginning of each bar, you can create a more interesting chord progression by key mapping each clip to be triggered by a key on the computer keyboard so that you can actually play your chords, even if you can’t play piano.

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This is video 3 of a 14 part series on Music Theory, and shortcuts to writing music. This is the beginning of the Music Theory hacks for Ableton Live.