Balancing Volume, Recording MIDI Clips, and Capture Feature

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In this video, we’ll learn:

  • Prevent clipping by adjusting volume levels on tracks.
  • Using the Pencil Tool to quickly draw MIDI notes.
  • Recording notes in real-time into new MIDI clips.
  • Using Capture (Live 10) to recall notes played that were never recorded.

With the release of Live 10, the new Capture feature was added. Sometimes your best performance happens while not recording. Live now remembers all MIDI input in the background, even if you’re not recording for up to 3 minutes. So, if you happen to play a killer riff along to a beat, but it wasn’t recording, Live will have snagged it anyways so you can retrieve it.

*We recommend using the Firefox browser. Enter fullscreen to remove video toolbar.

Shortcuts to remember:
Pencil Tool = CMD + B
Adjust MIDI notes octave up/down = Shift + arrow key up/ down
Duplicate = CMD + D or Hold option + Click & drag
On computer keyboard, hit Z to octave down, X to octave up!

*For most shortcuts substitute: CMD for Mac, and Cntrl for PC