Automation Step Sequencing Copy

In the last video we explored the endless possibilities of Mix Mode on the Push2. Now we’ll learn how to Step Sequence Automation. Yes, that’s a thing.

But before we get into step sequencing automation, let’s review and cover note specific parameters. In both the drum and melodic step sequencers, hold down on a step to fine tune note specific parameters such as nudge, note length (the ending of the note), and velocity.

While holding down the stepped note, you can select note specific parameters by pressing the first lower display button, Note Settings. You can even select multiple notes simultaneously to edit their note settings (for example, turning up their velocity range).

  • When working with a drum rack, you can hold down on a pad in a drum cell, then change note settings for all notes that occur on that pad.

To create per-step automation:
1. Hold down on one or more steps, then press the second lower display button, Automation.
2. You can then adjust parameters with the knobs.
3. Once adjusted, that step or group of steps will snap to your adjusted value for the time of that step.

Each step can be a different value, if desired. You can even automate steps that don’t have a note by pressing that empty pad step, then adjusting parameters.

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