Automation Copy

In this video, we’ll learn how to automate parameters. Changes over time to parameter’s knobs can be recorded as a clip.

In the last video, we learned how to add devices to a chain, control more than 8 parameters on a device, delete or mute devices, and rearrange the position of devices in a chain.

  • To record automation, first press the Push2’s Automate button so that it turns red. Then obviously you’ll need to press the record button and turn a knob to record a new clip or you can even add automation to an existing clip.

  • Press the Automate button again to stop recording automation. The clip will play back the action of you turning knobs with a white dot next to the parameter.

To delete automation, hold the Delete button and touch the specific knob of the selected parameter. If there wasn’t automation for a parameter, holding delete while touching the parameter will snap it back to its default position

If you turn a parameter during playback to override automation that has been recorded, you will disable that parameter’s automation. The white dot will change gray and the parameter will stay at its last touched value.

  • To re-enable all overridden automation, press and hold the Shift button, then press the Automate button.

*We recommend using the Firefox browser. Enter fullscreen to remove video toolbar.