A Deeper Look Into the Drum Rack Copy

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In this video, we’ll start building a new Drum Rack from scratch. One thing that sets apart amateur producers from the pro’s is creating a full, well-balanced mix. A big part of this process is choosing the right samples/ sounds and layering them together. When layering sounds together, you should think about how different samples compliment each other to achieve the sound you need.

Using send knobs on each track is a perfect way to blend multiple tracks together with audio effects inserted on the Return Tracks (i.e. A Reverb or B Delay tracks next to the Master track). The Drum Rack gives us the ability to also create Return Tracks inside the rack itself, so we can send individual samples to our Return Track’s audio effects. This gives us a lot of creative control to play inside the Drum Rack.

We’ll learn about layering sounds and effects with the Return Track inside the Drum Rack in this next video…

Ableton released a Pack in 2017 with a great library of pre-built drum racks, samples, and effects. CLICK HERE to check out the Beat Tools pack created by Ableton.

Shortcuts to remember:
Layer samples (create instrument rack in a drum rack) = hold CMD + click/drag sample onto another