Ableton Live Performance Course

$99.00 $75.00 (or 75 credits)

This course is designed to help you take existing tracks from the studio to stage. Setup your band in Ableton Live to perform with back tracks, with the ability to improvise and perform your songs in real time.



You have tracks produced in the studio, now it’s time to take them to the stage. Whether you’re a solo artist, or a full band, this course is designed to help you perform your songs using Ableton Live. Learn from the ground up how to take existing songs and set them up with the ultimate flexibility to have the sound you want on stage.



Dan Giffin has helped multiple Platinum & Grammy artists, churches, and touring acts use Ableton Live for performing on stage. He has shared the stage with artists including Tiesto, as well as performing live at major music festivals such as Electric Forest.

This course is for those having a basic understanding of Ableton Live. Never used it before? No worries. You can still benefit from this course.