Live Performance Course






Skill Level

7 hours



Ableton Live Performance

Completing this course will help you:

  • Setup your existing tracks to perform live either solo or with a band.
  • Use both Session & Arrangement View workflows to create a show that works for you
  • Learn routing to get a good live mix and setup in-ear monitoring with your band
  • Learn live looping to improvise on stage

Who is the course for?

Anyone wanting to perform live with Ableton either solo or with a full band.

You have songs produced in the studio, now let’s take them to the stage. Whether you’re setting up a live performance or online live stream, this course will help you create your own live performance with flexibility, while getting that “big sound” using backing tracks.

You’ll learn step by step routing instruments through Ableton, creating a flexible setlist and project template, programming/ triggering Live’s effects in realtime, live looping basics, setting up your in ear monitors, how to get a good live mix, and other performance workflows.

Perfect for both Ableton Live beginners and experienced users.


Post questions as you go through this course, interact with me (Dan Giffin), and other Ableton Live users. If you have questions, post in there so everyone can benefit. I’ll be checking in there regularly as much as possible, and sharing new tips & tricks you might find helpful.

  • Installing Ableton Live
  • Intro To Live’s Interface
  • Intro To Live’s Browser Part 1
  • Intro To Live’s Browser Part 2
  • Saving Projects & File Management
  • Preparing Your Tracks
  • Organizing Stems in Live’s Browser
  • Grouping and Condensing Audio for Playback
  • Importing Stems; Adjusting Audio to Live’s Tempo
  • Adjusting Songs With Tempo Automation
  • Using Warp Modes
  • Intro To Session View
  • Editing Scenes & Looping Clips
  • Clip Transitions with Follow Actions & Key Mapping
  • Re-arranging Song Structure with Clips & Cues
  • Freezing & Flattening New Arrangements
  • Consolidating Time To New Scene

In this lesson, I’ll show you some tips necessary for creating a single Ableton Live project template to use for all your performances. Once you have a template prepared for your shows, it’s an easy drag/ drop process adding audio tracks to create a live setlist.

Once you’ve setup your individual songs across scenes to perform with, it’s easy to save them to later drag/ drop into a new Ableton Live set. This helps you quickly build new custom setlists for every show.

Live’s Clip Envelope feature is a powerful tool that is often underutilized for setting up a live performance.

Like many DAWs (Logic or Pro Tools) you can draw automation to control track and device parameters. Clip Envelopes, on the other hand, are snippets of automation that only exist within Audio or MIDI Clips themselves. Clip automation can be used to change a clip’s parameters and/ or the track parameters that the clip lives on.

Set up your live performances using hacks in Arrangement View as an alternative to Session View with flexibility.

  • Choosing The Right Audio Interface
  • Routing & Monitoring Tracks in Live
  • Setting Up In-Ear Monitoring
  • Reducing Latency
  • Setting Cues & In-Ears For The Band

There are tons of MIDI controllers on the market today used for live performance. The controller you decide to use completely depends on your needs.

Regardless of the controller you use, Ableton is compatible with nearly any controller on the market that sends a MIDI signal in/ out. I made a list below for several MIDI controllers I recommend performing live.

  • Live Performance Workshop at Sweetwater
  • Live Performance Master Template

What people are saying...


  • Get your live instruments and band setup to perform with Ableton Live
  • Route your click and in-ear monitoring in Live
  • Learn workflows to be flexible with creating your setlist
  • Create a live project template to quickly use for all your shows
  • Learn to get the best sounding live mix for the front of house


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