Song Will Start With Group Leader, Lesson 1 Copy

@ben starts the song, then submits a very basic beginning to a song. Ben’s lesson file will be called musical_chairs_song1_1.alp

Once he submits a file then the ball will start rolling for the next member to write. Each lesson of this course will be a member writing part of the song. Only 1 lesson will be available at a time. It’s a chain. 1, 2, 3, etc.

In order for the file sharing to work, each person will need to save their file and upload it with their lesson number in their turn at the end. So musical chairs song 1, Lesson 2 would be musical_chairs_song1_2.alp

Proceed to Lesson 2 to download the project file. You must have Ableton Live 10 for this to work.

The upload assignment button was disabled here to avoid confusion, so you wouldn’t upload something on this lesson. Ben already uploaded part1 of the assignment/project. The link for it is in lesson 2.