Session View Mode Copy

In this video, we’ll explore session view mode on the push for better navigation in a live set.

In the last video we loaded in our own custom sounds in racks directly from the push.

Press the Push2’s Session Button to switch to Session Mode. The 8×8 pad grid will launch clips and the Scene/Grid buttons will launch scenes. If the track is selected and armed, pressing an empty pad will start recording a new clip. If the track is not armed, pressing an empty pad will stop playback of any other currently playing clip on that track.

-The color of the pads reflect the clip color in Ableton.
-A triggered clip will momentarily flash green, then pulse when playing.
-A recording clip will pulse red.

Pressing the up or down arrow buttons will move you 1 scene at a time. Likewise, pressing the left or right arrow buttons will move 1 track at a time.

Pressing the Octave Up and Octave Down arrow buttons will move you 8 scenes at a time. Likewise, pressing the Page Left and Page Right buttons move 8 tracks at a time.

Pressing the Mute or Solo buttons will mute or solo the currently selected track. As shown earlier, holding the mute or solo button for a few moments will Lock it on, which will mute or solo tracks when their lower display button is pressed. Hold on Mute or Solo again to exit this behavior.

Pressing the Stop Clip button will stop the playing clip in the currently selected track. Hold the Stop Clip button and press any track’s lower display button to stop any playing clips in the desired track.

The Stop Clip button also has locking behavior. Hold the button for a few moments to lock it on, the pressing any lower display button will stop that track’s clips. Hold the Stop Clip button again to exit this behavior.

  • If you hold down on the Shift button while pressing the Stop Clip button, you can Stop All Clips.

You can also hold on the Session or Note buttons to temporarily toggle between Session and Note modes. Holding either button down basically acts as a momentary switch.

Session overview will allow you to quickly navigate large sets with tons of clips.

Press the Layout button while the Push2 is in Session mode. Each pad represents an 8 scene by 8 track block of clips. For example pressing the pad in row 3, column 1 will focus on scenes 17-24, tracks 1-8.

Color of pads in session overview:

-White: The current selected block of clips where the colored boarder is in Ableton
-Green: There are clips playing in this block of clips, even if this isn’t the currently selected block
-Gray: There are clips located in this block of clips
-No Color: There are no clips in this block.

*We recommend using the Firefox browser. Enter fullscreen to remove video toolbar.