Purchasing & Installing Live


If you don’t own Ableton Live yet, I definitely recommend purchasing Standard or Suite versions! Live Producers can hook you up with a major discount below… 

Purchase Live 10 Suite Purchase Live 10 Standard

If you can’t afford it yet, download the free trial on their website HERE to use for this course. You won’t be able to save projects after the 30-day trial expires.  


License Details:

According to Ableton, “Purchasing a license allows a user to download the software on two computers owned by the license holder.” However, you can contact Ableton support from your account on Ableton.com and request additional licenses. (I’ve requested up to 4!) I wouldn’t recommend handing out licenses to friends….you might need those licenses later if you computer crashes, or you get a new one in the future.



If you need help installing Ableton Live, check out this article on Ableton’s website with step by step instructions.