Lesson 2, next is Chris Taylor Copy

In order for the file sharing to work, each person will need to save their file and upload it with their lesson number in their turn at the end. So musical chairs song 1, Lesson 2 would be musical_chairs_song1_2.alp

Ya man, it’s your turn next. @chris-taylor Go for it.

Make sure you submit your file with the right name. That way the link works for the next person in the chain. If you get a 404 error when you click the link, then the person before you hasn’t submitted yet.

Download the file that was submitted in Lesson 1 to proceed.


You have 2 days to add to this project. Once you’re ready to submit, follow these 4 simple steps to prepare your file to submit.

  1. File, Collect All and Save.  -This will copy any samples, recorded audio, max4live devices to your project folder.

  2. File, Manage Files…

  3. Manage Project (it’s the center option on the right pane)

  4. Create Pack, (then save your project with the naming scheme mentioned above).

Once you have submitted your file. Make a post in the Dashboard, telling us you submitted your file.

So everyone is notified that progress was made, copy and paste the text below to mention all the users involved in the Producer Group Song.

@ben, @chris-taylor, @dan