Customizing Drum and Instrument Racks Copy

In this video, we’ll explore more how to load in our own custom sounds, directly from the Push2 and better control them.

In the last 2 videos, we saw several new features by learning how to step sequence drums in a drum rack and step sequence melodies in the isomorphic keyboard.

In this video, we’ll learn how to alter sounds of specific drum cells and understand how Choke Groups work, as well as how to control individual chains in an instrument rack.

Browse mode can be used to load a sound or even replace and existing sound on specific cells in a drum rack.

  • If you enter Browse mode without selecting a specific cell, the entire drum rack will flash white to notify you that you are about to replace the entire drum rack.

To replace a specific cell, first enter into Device mode with the Device button.

  1. By default, the whole drum rack is selected.
  2. To select an individual pad, tap that pad, then press the 2nd upper display button (the square icon represents a pad).
  3. Then we can enter Browse mode and sift through sounds to replace a specific cell.

After this process, once in browse mode, tapping other pads will select them for a browse/replace workflow

If an item has been loaded with the Load button, the Load Next and Load Previous buttons will appear to quickly sample through sounds (this also works with instruments).

  • In a live performance, scenario you can SELECT A DRUM RACK CELL WITHOUT TRIGGERING IT by holding the Select button while tapping a pad.

You can press the lower display button for the track the drum rack is on to expand or collapse the rack to see all of the containing sounds. In this way you can add devices or FX to specific cells.

You can also copy a pad to a different cell location.

  1. Hold the Duplicate button, then press the source pad you’d like to copy.
  2. Release the source pad, but keep holding the Duplicate button.
  3. Then press the destination pad. This will replace the existing sound and any FX but keep any existing notes that were recorded.
  • When a single pad is selected you can also select its choke group. Choke groups are a way to isolate out sounds that shouldn’t be played at the SAME TIME, such as 2 different kicks or an open and closed high hats.

You can also press the lower display button for the track the an instrument rack is on to expand or collapse the rack to see all of the containing sounds. If only the instrument rack itself is selected, its 8 macro knobs are displayed. You can control specific devices’ parameters or add FX to that specific chain by selecting that device’s lower display button.

*We recommend using the Firefox browser. Enter fullscreen to remove video toolbar.