Creating Melodies, Hacks When You’re Stuck Copy

In this video, I start by explaining melody examples from existing songs. Then I show the scale device (with several different types of scales) on a track with the addition of the random midi effect device to randomize a new set of notes that you normally wouldn’t come up with.

One other secret weapon is the Midi Quantize 2.1 Max for Live device. Yes you can quantize notes the usual way by right clicking on them in Ableton Live and selecting quantize. But having the ability to have all of your notes be automatically played perfectly in time, in real time, as you play them is WAYYY MORE FUN. I use this device in all my projects!


I also show how to record the output of this device so that you have a much more accurate representation when the quantized notes are actually being played.

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This is video 7 of a 14 part series on Music Theory, and shortcuts to writing music. We’ve covered scales and basic music theory, now we put our knowledge to the test with applying what we know about scales and chords to write melodies.