Changing Defaults in Setup Mode Copy

In the last video we learned how to use foot switches with the Push2. In this video we’ll learn how to tweak the default setting of the Push2’s Setup Mode. This is the final video of this course.

I saved showing the Setup menu last, because I’ve found that the default settings work the best for my workflow.

The Setup menu can adjust brightness, pad sensitivity, velocity response, and more.

-When Pad Sensitivity is turned up, it takes less downward force to trigger a higher velocity.
Pad Gain boots or cuts the overall velocity curve.
Pad Dynamics adjusts the spread of the velocities across the output range. When turned up all the way, there will mainly be high or low output without much in the middle, and the inverse is true when turned all the way down.

The default and recommended setting for ALL three parameters is 5.

However, to make a linear velocity curve, set Pad Gain to 4 and Pad Dynamics to 7.

The Workflow option determines how the Push 2 behaves when the Duplicate, New, or Up and Down arrows are pressed.

The 2 options for Workflow is Scene or Clip.

  • Scene is the default. In Scene workflow, musical ideas are organized and navigated in scenes.

  • In Clip workflow, you’re working with only the currently selected clip.

In Scene workflow:

Duplicate will create a new scene containing all of the current playing clips AND it seamlessly switches to playing them back.
-The New button is similar to duplicate, but doesn’t duplicate the currently selected clip, only the other playing clips. It creates a blank clip slot for the currently selected track, which prepares you to play or record a new idea.
-The Up and Down arrows will trigger scenes

In Clip Workflow:

Duplicate only copies the currently selected clip, in a new scene, but continues to play all other clips in the previous scene. (When in Clip Workflow, you can hold the Shift button while pressing the duplicate button to duplicate all playing clips to a new scene.)
-The New button prepares an empty clip slot on the currently selected track, but clips in other tracks are not affected
-The Up and Down arrow buttons also move up or down by a single scene, but only the selected track will change scenes. All other playing clips will remain playing and are not affected.

*We recommend using the Firefox browser. Enter fullscreen to remove video toolbar.

You made it! I hope to put out a continuation of this course soon with the new features of Live 10 with the Push2.

Now you can use the Push2 as an instrument instead of merely an accessory. In this way you can write electronic music without being reliant on your mouse.