Arrangement Recording Copy

In the last video we explored all of the features of Session View Mode on the Push2 and the Session overview layout. In this video, we’ll explore how to record with the Push2 in Ableton’s Arrangement view.

First we must manually switch to Arrangement view in Ableton outside of the Push2. If you previously recorded something into session view, and then you toggled to arrangement view, the tracks will appear “grayed out” and there will be a gray play button directly to the left of the track info on the right side of the screen. Enable arrangement recording for that track, simply click the gray play button.

  • To enable all tracks for arrangement recording, click the orange Back to Arrangement button, which is located above the highest track, above the grey play buttons column.

Then press the record button on the Push2. This will ready Ableton Live to record. Recording will not begin until you press play either on the Push2 or on screen in Ableton.

  • In arrangement view recording, recorded notes will appear green in note mode and in the drum rack, notes that would normally show up in the step sequencing area are not visible.

*We recommend using the Firefox browser. Enter fullscreen to remove video toolbar.