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Website & Member Questions

Website & Membership Questions

Yes! When a member chooses to downgrade, they will see it take effect on the next recurring monthly/ annual payment date. The member’s recurring payment date remains the same.

When a member chooses to upgrade, they are charged a pro-rated amount at checkout based on the number of days left in the current payment period. The member’s recurring payment date remains the same, and the subscription is changed to charge the new amount.

You can change your current membership plan anytime. Login your membership and visit the UPGRADE PLAN tab. Checkout with the new plan you want to subscribe to. That’s it.

Upgrading or downgrading your current plan will be pro-rated, so you will not be over-charged. To view previous payments, you can visit your Profile and access the Billing tab to see all payment history.

Go to Membership Plan page


You can also change plans doing the following…

Login your account and go to Profile > Account 

Then select Change and choose the plan you’re wanting!


There’s 3 types of membership subscriptions you can purchase monthly or annually, with the option of upgrading/ downgrading from one to another anytime.

Click HERE to see membership plans and their features.

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Ableton Questions

Questions about Authorizing & Installing Ableton?

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Beginner Ableton Questions? We all start somewhere

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