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Sample Packs

  • The Trump Pack

    • Download this sample pack and make producing great again. Includes straight samples and a playable drum rack .alp. (Edited by Eric Sylce, ELABS)
  • Dan Giffin’s Sample Pack

    • Download this sample pack by Dan Giffin. (from Ableton Live Music Production Course)
  • Classic Pinball Samples

    • Download this sample pack of old-school pinball sounds from that ’98 game!
  • Studio B Drum Samples

    • A collection of drum samples recorded in a studio in Indianapolis with a long history of musical magic. Has that perfect amount of natural reverb.

Ableton Devices


    • A chord MIDI effect rack that allows you to quickly play/ change chords with MIDI clips. Great for those with little music theory. (from Ableton Live Music Production Course)
  • Philia DJ FX Rack

    • When Philia performs his sets, this is the native Ableton FX Rack he uses. Good vibes.

    • This Max for Live device lets you type out text for individual tracks. Great for sharing notes when collaborating on projects, or whatever.
  • Future Bass Synth

    • This is Dan Giffin’s custom instrument rack for bass and synth. Tweak macro controls and create your own synth sound. Fun stuff!

Plugin Presets

  • All The Massive Presets

    • Check out Ben Spilker’s HUGE library of organized presets for the soft-synth Massive by Native Instruments. There’s a ridiculous amount of presets here. Go make some awesome tracks!


  • Windows ASIO4ALL

    • ASIO4ALL is a universal sound driver that allows for lower latency. If you have an audio interface, then it’s best to use the driver that came with your interface. But this device driver allows you to use more than one sound device at a time. If you’re using the built in audio card for your PC, this is the tool for you! But remember, this is a DEDICATED sound driver. Sound will ONLY come from your DAW. Close your DAW to resume normal functionality.
  • Mac Soundflower

    • This is an extremely useful tool to pipe audio from one program to another, for Mac only. IF INSTALLING ON HIGH SIERRA The first attempt to install will display a security alert, then fail. Afterwards, you need to go into System Preferences “Security & Privacy – General” pane and give permission to allow the install signed by the developer “MATT INGALLS”. After giving permission, you will be able to run the installer successfully.
  • Windows VB-Audio Virtual Audio Cable

    • This is an extremely useful tool to pipe audio from one program to another, for Windows only. VB-Audio CABLE is a Windows Audio Driver working as Virtual Audio Cable

Project Templates

Note, all other templates below were made with Ableton Live 10 Suite. Some devices might not be compatible with other versions. 

House With HipHop Beat Templates

Future Bass

Download Need You Project

Project uses 3rd Party Plugins – Serum v1.214

Trap Templates

Download Kalahari Project

Project uses 3rd Party Plugins – Serum v1.113 and Massive 1.3.0

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