DJing with Ableton Course





Beginner / Intermediate

Skill Level

4.5 hours



DJing with Ableton Live

Completing this course will help you:

  • Get started performing DJ sets in Ableton
  • Create live sets using unlimited decks, creative effects, and performance workflows
  • Produce, edit, and remix songs for DJ sets
  • Organize and improvise your Live sets
  • Learn other 3rd party plugins to better prepare setlists and smooth song transitions
  • Record your live sets to upload later to Soundcloud, etc.

Who is the course for?

Anyone wanting to start DJing in Ableton with unlimited capabilities, as well as remixing tracks to perform with.

You’ll learn the essential features of using Live for DJing, including workflows using custom effects, improvising, creating a flexible project template for all your sets, creating great song transitions, preparing setlists, live looping,  and getting a good sound on stage.

Perfect for both new and experienced Ableton Live users. If you’re wanting to DJ for live streaming, this is a great place to start.


Access the private group to ask questions and grow new skills.

  • Create your DJ Template
  • Selecting High Quality Tracks To Playback

Learn 3rd Party plugins to more quickly create your setlists and create the best possible DJ set. (includes special discount)

  • Warping Songs in Live
  • Organize Clips in Scenes With Loop Bracket
  • Song Setup; Key and Tempo Transitions
  • Harmonic Mixing
  • Adding Tracks to Compliment Decks A and B
  • Editing Clips between Session and Arrangement

Use Ableton’s best effects and have more creative control while DJing.

  • MIDI Mapping; Launching Scenes
  • Using the Looper for Live Looping
  • MIDI Mapping the Looper & Other Effects
  • Clip Envelope Automation
  • Using Follow Actions to Trigger Clips
  • Saving Songs and Scenes to Use Later
  • Exporting Your Songs and Settings
  • Live Performance Workshop at Sweetwater
  • Live Performance Master Template

What people are saying...


  • Perfect for anyone new or experienced with DJing
  • Learn to produce and remix existing tracks to add your own creative sound for live sets
  • Create your own DJ project template in Ableton to quickly create setlists
  • Learn how to save tracks and improvise with Live’s effects


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