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    I’m a keys player and my rig for live performance varies depending on the event. But my most common setup with Ableton on a weekly basis is using an Akai MPK 261(for playing and controlling different plug-ins such as Omnisphere), the QuNexus by Keith McMillen(currently for triggering drone pads) and a Looptimus pedal(for triggering the songs). I use the iConnectMIDI4+ by iConnectivity to connect them all. I would love to get a Push but I don’t want to invest in one now and Ableton announce the new Push 3.

    I would love to hear what works for you!


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    Dan Giffin

    Omnisphere is fantastic! i personally wouldn’t use it in a comprehensive project for live performance, it’s a DSP drainer.

    Really love the Looptimus controller for sure 🙂 There’s a few videos in the DJing with Ableton Live course with tips using it for live performance. My personal setup is using the APC40 mkii, Looptimus with the Roland octapad (drums) and guitar with Apollo interface. In my opinion, there is no greater controller in the world for performing live than the APC40. LOVE IT.

    I personally find the Push better for producing in the studio, but it obviously can be used for live as well. (Although the crossfader can be annoying to setup)

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    I appreciate the feedback Dan! I’ll have to take a closer look at the APC40. Looptimus has been great as well as the Akai MPK. That’s good to know about the Push being more of a studio controller/instrument than live. Of course it’s an opinion and just depends on the performer. I don’t own a Push but I want one.

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    @Morgan Jones

    Hey first post on here > I recently stumbled on a used Novation Launchpad II, which I picked up for about half the original price. I never thought I would get interested in a grid style instrument but then found this:
    http://motscousus.com/stuff/2011-07_Novation_Launchpad_Ableton_Live_Scripts/ which updates the launchpad to do eh maybe ~75% of what the push is capable of (excluding the fact it has a screen). Makes for a very cheap and fun addition to a setup if you just want to use it as a writing tool or not full time and not invest fully in using the push 2 as the main controller.

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