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      First off, was not sure whether to post this in the Course or Webinar section – both would work!

      I would be interested in learning more ways to manipulate vocals. This is a very vague request as I think that I would benefit from any focused lesson in this realm, but off the top of my head some cool things to learn would be:

      – Making own futurey vocal chops without relying on already produced samples on Splice
      – Pitch shifting and retaining tempo (without clicking +1 on transpose. Kanye does this all over ye. to cool effect)
      – Warping without hitting the .5 or x2. Stretching a sample with precision?
      – Making washed out reverby samples to layer under sounds
      – Making vocals sound cinematic or like they’re from a vintage movie
      – Vocoder?

      If I think of anything else pertaining to this that I think would be useful I’ll circle back!

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      Ben Spilker

      Yes, this are all great vocal tricks I’d love to do some videos on. Dan’s music style involves alot of the higher pitched futurey vocal chops, so he’d be best to demo that.

      Good stuff,


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      E-z Buzz
      @Ez Buzz

      dude yea i would totally like to learn that, does anyone know if any progress was made on that request

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      Not sure. Still very interested though!

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      Dan Giffin

      Hey! Just a heads up we did a vocal production and effects webinar with Australian producer XMPLA last week. Visit the webinars tab and check it out! (basic or pro members can watch webinar replays).

      He shares some interesting insights using automation with Antares AutoTune and Melodyne plugins.

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