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      You might have already taught me this a while ago, Dan, but if I want to record pitch shifting off of the mod wheel on my keyboard for a Midi portion that I already have in Ableton, how do I do this? I don’t want to overwrite what I already have. Appreciate it. Want to try messing with some 808s. Should have brought this to office hours last night.


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      Ben Spilker

      Crog, if you want to do simple pitch shifting when recording, you could just use the pitch wheel (which is automatically configured) to do pitch bends. Just make sure automation arm is on and midi overdub is on (so you don’t over right the notes that are already there). Now the only problem is that when you use the pitch bend as a way to pitch shift, it will pitch bend all playing notes from all other cells in a drum rack (which might not be what you want if you’re trying to just pitch bend 808 samples. If you’re wanting to map the pitch of a specific 808 sample to the mod wheel, I would put that sample into Ableton’s simpler in 1-shot mode, put ableton in midi map mode, click the transpose knob in simpler to select it, then turn your mod wheel, and exit midi map mode in ableton.

      Now I love pitch bending my subbass, but I do it differently. Instead of using 808 samples to pitch bend, I use ableton’s hip hop sub. Search for it in the Instruments tab. It’s great. I use it on all my tracks. And then to pitch bend I simply use the pitch wheel. No midi mapping required.


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