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    I have a question about RAM usage with a drum rack. Before I go further, I understand the size of audio files matter. What I’m putting into my drum rack are just 12 mp3 files that are about 8 minutes in length each. They are sampled at 44.1k and yet the rack uses between 1-2 GBs in my session. My total RAM is capped at 8GBs and the project uses 3-4 GBs without adding that drum rack.

    When I read about you loading up your drum rack with samples and seeing the tracks in your project, I’m wondering how much RAM does your drum rack use alone? I also assume your laptop must be running 16 GBs of RAM.

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    Thanks man! I will try these settings out. I didn’t even realize there was a separate Warp button in the rack so it’s probably on. I’ll also check out your other suggestion about the Sample box.

    I appreciate your time!

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    Dan Giffin

    Hey man! Here’s some quick thoughts that hopefully help…

    * In your project, turning off Warp on audio clips (outside and inside the drum rack) can significantly help with CPU Performance. You can make sure warp is off for audio in the simpler instrument in the drum rack. See Warp button in bottom-right corner of Simpler instrument.

    * In the Sample box of an audio clip you can turn on RAM button. This will definitely help as well preserve computer strain loading from disk.

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