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      Chris Taylor
      @Chris Taylor

      Windows Machine Settings usually needed for any DAW.

      1. Turn off power saving features in your Bios. Power Stepping and C states will generate an enormous amount of Latency as they put parts of the CPU to sleep when no being used, these sleep states take time to warm up. Usually holding F2 or Delete during boot up will give you access to bios settings, navigate to the power configuration of your bios disable these features.

      2. Set Processor scheduling to background services. Type “advanced” in Cortana Bar, Click on “View advanced system settings”, under “performance” Click “settings”, click on “advanced” tab, Select background services.
      Back ground settings will give CPU priority to the sound card driver.

      3. Turn off link state power management. Type “Control panel” in Cortana bar, under “system and security” go to “power options”, for what ever profile is selected click “change plan settings”, Click “change advanced power settings”, go to “Pci express”, disable link state.

      This should cause your DAW performance to improve greatly.

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      Ben Spilker

      Yes! This is a great guide! Thanks!

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      This is very helpful!

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