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    E-z Buzz

    I think it would be really cool if basic members should be able to share content for truck feedback at least at some level, $30 is pretty pricey from my wallet at the moment, and I think basic members would really be able to grow a lot to be able to share at least a little bit of their content, just to show their fellow members how far along they are :-)… It might help promote community within the site and keep loyal members long-term as well 🙂

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      E-z Buzz
      @Ez Buzz

      yea $30/month is a lil pricey for me, personally ………compared to some other monthly subscriptions i have paid for:

      amazon prime $12.99
      youtube premium $9.99
      audible gold membership $14.99 $25
      hulu $9.99
      maschine masters master membership ($99/yr) or $8.33 a month

      i think a standard membership would be worth somewhere in between 10 and 20 bucks a month, maybe the low teens, like 12.99 is doable…..
      i just think thats a price that i can afford and a price thats likely to keep me paying it for a lot longer, you know as long as i was continuing to grow from the site, i would be willing to pay that no problem.

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        Ben Spilker

        @e-z buzz, Definitely appreciate the feedback. We’ll be changing our pricing model in the next few months to better suit member’s needs. More info soon!

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      Dan Giffin

      Thanks for the feedback! You say $30 was pricey? How much would a Standard membership be worth to you? (That includes track feedback, courses, event replays, etc)

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