Push 2 Controller Features & Functions Course

Learn the essentials to start producing quickly with the PUSH 2 controller

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The Push 2 is a powerful music-making instrument, allowing you to write music without being reliant on your computer mouse. This video course will quickly walk you step by step through all the essential functions of the PUSH 2, so you can start making the tracks you want and get super creative.

In this intro video we’ll see the basics of what the Ableton Push 2 does after we plug it in for the first time.


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About Ben:

Ben Spilker is an Ableton Live Expert and nerd at heart. If you ask him, “Can I do ‘this…’ in Ableton?” The answer is almost always yes, and he’ll find a way to make it happen. Sometimes when he sleeps, he even dreams about Ableton. Ben is the Co-Organizer for the Indianapolis Ableton Live User Group and loves seeing that “light bulb” moment on people’s faces when teaching.