Intro to Ableton Live Production

Get started producing with Ableton Live's essential workflows and instruments

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15 Lessons

This course is perfect for anyone wanting to get started producing in Ableton Live. You’ll learn everything from navigating Live’s interface, using instruments and devices, creating effects and sound design, establishing your own workflow, and more.

If you’re new to Ableton Live, or have some experience and want to go deeper, this course is for you.


Course Includes:

  • Over 30 videos teaching Ableton Live production
  • Downloadable practice projects and effects racks
  • Ongoing video updates and files will be added in the future


Course Outline:

Getting Started

Learning the Basics

Lesson 1 - Producing with MIDI

Samples, Sounds, & File Management

LESSON 1b - Producing with Audio Clips

LESSON 1c - Recording Audio & MIDI in Ableton Live

LESSON 2 – From Session to Arrangement View

LESSON 3 – Producing Drums & Rhythm with Live’s Devices

LESSON 4 – Music Theory & Ableton Hacks

LESSON 5 - Establishing Workflow

LESSON 6 – Automation

LESSON 7 – Manipulating Audio For Creative Producing

Exporting Songs & Settings

Course Conclusion

Resources and Things To Know