Connect Membership

Grow your Ableton skills joining interactive Zoom meetings w/ Dan Giffin & experienced producers.


  • Interactive group sessions every week (at various times). Quickly grow your skills producing music in Ableton Live. Watch video replays if you miss it. 
  • Vote on a weekly topic in the private Facebook Group, then meet to discuss that topic.
  • Get ongoing answers to questions and connect with experienced producers. 

“I can’t recommend Dan Giffin enough, he’s an excellent Ableton teacher. In a short amount of time he helped me gain a stronger grasp of Ableton, refined my sound design, and a more efficient workflow.” – Phil Austrom (Touring Musician/ Producer)

“Dan is an awesome teacher and has given me a renewed passion and sense of direction for working on my music.” – CROG (Producer)

“Over the past years, my inbox has been full of questions from artists asking Ableton/ music production questions on many topics. This connect membership is a great space for YOU, me, and other producers to interact on Zoom diving deep into topics YOU choose each week.” 

   – Dan Giffin

Ableton Certified Trainer, Grammy Engineer, Founder of Live Producers Online