Ableton Live Multiple Outputs?

In order to have multiple output zones in Ableton, you need an audio interface that supports more than 2 outputs. A useful scenario for this would be wanting a preview “Cue Out” with a click track in your ear, while having the main output not have click.

Here are a few affordable USB interfaces that support multiple ins and have multiple ¼ inch outs

Focusrite Scarlett 6i6

Steinburg UR44

Presonus AudioBox44VSL

However, once you get into multi-tracking more than 4 inputs, USB speeds become limiting and latency becomes a problem. For this reason, thunderbolt interfaces are an emerging market. Thunderbolt used to be a Mac OS only technology, but recently PC manufacturers have adopted thunderbolt standards as well. Thunderbolt is now a cross platform peripheral.

Yes thunderbolt interfaces are more expensive, but totally worth the money.

Focusrite has the Clarett 4 Pre and the Clarett 8 Pre

Universal Audio has the Apollo 8 (with a variety of different on-board processors)

(Universal Audio is different in that it has audio effect plugins that emulate real outboard gear. All processing of these plugins is done on the brain of the interface and does not tax your computer’s CPU)

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