What is a warp marker in Ableton?

Warp Markers are the yellow notches above audio clips when warping is enabled.  You can create new warp markers by clicking anywhere above the waveform. These serve as a way to snap or pin the audio to specific time based intervals. Live will also show grey arrows where potential warp markers could be. This is […]

How to turn off warp in Ableton?

To disable warping on a specific clip, click the desired clip, you should then see the waveform of the audio clip appear and the left of the waveform is the clip parameters, click the button labeled “Warp” to disable warping for that clip. By default Ableton Live will want to warp most audio unless it […]

What are Ableton Warp Modes?

Ableton Live has 6 different warp mode types. These modes are how Live will play back and stretch audio when it is set to a different tempo than the original recording. How each mode algorithm works to manipulates audio is more evident at slower tempos. Beats mode is designed for drum loops, where there are […]

What is warping in Ableton Live?

Warping is the way Live will stretch audio to a specific grid. The best analogy is this…You have a ruler, a rubber band, and some thumb tacks. The ruler is a timed based grid of evenly spaced intervals. The rubberband is the audio clip. It can be stretched or shrunk down to a specific space […]