What is resampling?

Resampling is a neat trick in ableton live where you can capture the output of the master track and reinsert it into your project for additional processing. It’s a nice workaround, instead of flattening a track. To resample, insert a new audio track, then change its audio from section to “resampling,” then arm the track, […]

Ableton Live Multiple Outputs?

In order to have multiple output zones in Ableton, you need an audio interface that supports more than 2 outputs. A useful scenario for this would be wanting a preview “Cue Out” with a click track in your ear, while having the main output not have click. Here are a few affordable USB interfaces that […]

How to record audio from computer in Ableton?

Tips and Tricks; Recording If you want to record audio from your computer outside of ableton such as capturing audio from your favorite viral video, there are a few different ways to do it. On Mac, Download and install soundflower. https://github.com/mattingalls/Soundflower/releases/tag/2.0b2 Then change your Mac system preferences audio to route out to soundflower 2ch. In […]