Ableton Clip Launch modes?

If you click on either a midi or audio clip, there is a skinny box that appears to the right of the help/info box. This skinny box is the “clip view.” If you click the “L” button in the bottom left of the clip view box, the “Launch mode” box will appear. From there you […]

Ableton Live Multiple Outputs?

In order to have multiple output zones in Ableton, you need an audio interface that supports more than 2 outputs. A useful scenario for this would be wanting a preview “Cue Out” with a click track in your ear, while having the main output not have click. Here are a few affordable USB interfaces that […]

Why DJ with Ableton Live?

Yes, it is convenient to DJ from CDJ’s using RecordBox, or DJ with Traktor or Serato, but Ableton Live offers way more versatility in the Live realm in a way that no other program can. You can take your live performance to a whole new level. Instead of just playing your Deck A and transitioning […]