What is resampling?

Resampling is a neat trick in ableton live where you can capture the output of the master track and reinsert it into your project for additional processing. It’s a nice workaround, instead of flattening a track. To resample, insert a new audio track, then change its audio from section to “resampling,” then arm the track, […]

How to turn off warp in Ableton?

To disable warping on a specific clip, click the desired clip, you should then see the waveform of the audio clip appear and the left of the waveform is the clip parameters, click the button labeled “Warp” to disable warping for that clip. By default Ableton Live will want to warp most audio unless it […]

What are Ableton Warp Modes?

Ableton Live has 6 different warp mode types. These modes are how Live will play back and stretch audio when it is set to a different tempo than the original recording. How each mode algorithm works to manipulates audio is more evident at slower tempos. Beats mode is designed for drum loops, where there are […]

Ableton Clip Launch modes?

If you click on either a midi or audio clip, there is a skinny box that appears to the right of the help/info box. This skinny box is the “clip view.” If you click the “L” button in the bottom left of the clip view box, the “Launch mode” box will appear. From there you […]

Ableton Live Multiple Outputs?

In order to have multiple output zones in Ableton, you need an audio interface that supports more than 2 outputs. A useful scenario for this would be wanting a preview “Cue Out” with a click track in your ear, while having the main output not have click. Here are a few affordable USB interfaces that […]

How to delete and re-enable automation?

If you have a parameter automated and you alter that parameter’s value (either with a mouse or with a midi controller) without changing any values in its automation lane, you will have muted that parameter’s automation. When any automation value is muted, the arrow in the top center of the screen (near the play stop […]

How to MIDI Map in Ableton Live?

You can midi map almost any software button or knob in Ableton Live to hardware buttons or knobs. You first need to make sure that your midi preferences are properly setup. (On Mac, Live, Preferences, On PC, Option, Preferences, then click the midi tab.) Then enable the remote button on the input of the desired […]